Pietro Venturini Farm

Olive Farmers in Trevi

Ours is a family-run olive farm, based in Trevi, Umbria, in the middle of the green heart of Italy and the renowned Assisi-Spoleto olive grove, the first Italian site to be included in the FAO list of Worldwide Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS).
For a long time the city of Trevi has been considered the capital of quality extra virgin olive oil, in fact since the 1300s this land supplied the Roman nobility with its green gold, then called “the oil of the Popes”. The centuries-old olive-growing tradition of this area is also testified by the historical Ulivo di Sant’Emiliano, dating back to 300 A.D., famous as the oldest olive tree in the region and absolutely one of the oldest plants in the world.
The Pietro Venturini olive farm was founded in the seventies by Pietro and his father Francesco, both direct growers, and since then has dedicated itself exclusively to the production of oil, respecting ancient traditions and environmental sustainability.
Our olive trees, about 3500, cover the hills and “terraces” of Treviso between 300 and 500 metres above sea level and mostly belong to the Moraiolo cultivar, the typical small and rustic olive tree typical of this area.
The Moraiolo represents one of the most famous and appreciated olive cultivars, from which one of the best oils of the whole Italian peninsula is obtained. It is a variety of olive tree that fructifies in a rather precocious way, as it does at the time of ripening. Moraiolo is also characterised by particularly high yields, despite the fact that the fruit has a low overall mass. The cold continental climate (which makes it almost impossible for the oil fly to attack), together with the characteristics of the soil (hilly and stony) and the cultivation techniques (without the use of pesticide treatments), contribute to achieving the unrepeatable peaks in quality that characterise this type of olive tree.