Our Oil

The quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For years our olive oil has been respected for its excellence, authenticity and sustainability.

The olives, the majority of which Moraiolo, are hand picked during the months of October and November and cold pressed within 24hours of the harvest to preserve the exceptional characteristics of this oil. Moraiolo olives are spherical and black in colour, often with a purple hue, and are considered a high quality cultivar as they produce a prestigious extra virgin olive oil and have an excellent yield of approximately 15%, though this is often exceeded.

The most important characteristic of this particular olive variety, however, is the high quantity of polyphenols contained within the olives. During the bottling process, in fact, the olive oil is not filtered, therefore ensuring the natural organoleptic properties, such as the low acidity and elevated number of polyphenols, are conserved.

The oil is then stored at room temperature in our ancient cellars in steel vats. The natural resulting Extra Virgin Olive Oil is intense in flavour, fruity yet slightly bitter with a peppery taste, has an aromatic herb fragrance and is emerald green in colour with hues of golden yellow.

This versatile oil is a great condiment for raw vegetables and salads but also a delicious dressing for fish dishes as the fruity flavour, characterised by Moraiolo olives, is a compliment to all dishes including soups, legumes and meat. The perfect fusion, however, is olive oil drizzled on a warm bruschetta or with “Sedano Nero IGP di Trevi” (Black Celery), one of the six protected Slow Foods of Umbria